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Monday, February 9, 2015

Difference between Burst Mode and Cycle Stealing Mode of DMA

Burst Mode of DMA
Cycle Stealing Mode of DMA
It is the DMA data transfer technique in which no. of data words are transferred continuously until whole data is not transferred.
It is the data transfer technique in which one data word is transferred and then control is returned to CPU.
Data Transfer
Data transfer Continues until whole data is not transferred.
Data is transferred Only when CPU is idle.
This is very fast data transfer technique and is used to transfer data for fast speed devices.
It is the slow data transfer technique as data is transferred only when CPU is idle
CPU Utilization
Low CPU Utilization because CPU remains idle until whole data is not transferred.
High CPU utilization because data is transferred when CPU has no task to perform.

Extra Overhead
No need to check CPU idleness
Extra Overhead because every time CPU has to be monitored for idle periods or slots.

Direct Memory Access (DMA)
Data Transfer Technique, in which data is transferred from memory to peripheral device without the involvement of CPU, is called Direct Mode of Addressing or DMA. During this process CPU remains idle and memory buses are under the control of DMA controller.
Whenever any device want to send data through DMA it sends a DMA request to DMA controller. After Receiving the DMA request from I/O Device DMA controller sends a Bus Grant (BG) signal to CPU to take the control of buses. As CPU receives BG signal from DMA controller, it terminates the execution of current instruction and places address bus, data bus and rear write lines into high impedance state. This high impedance state works as open circuit and output is disconnected.
Bus Grant (BG) signal is activated by CPU in response to BR signal to inform DMA controller that buses are in high impedance state and DMA controller can now take the control of buses.
DMA controller uses two techniques for data transfer:
Direct Mode of Data Transfer(Burst Mode).
Cycle Stealing Mode of Data Transfer
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