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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Difference Between OSI and TCP/IP Reference Models

OSI Reference Model
TCP/IP Model
Clarification between Services, Interfaces and Protocols
OSI Model clearly distinguishes between Services, Interfaces and Protocols. Each layer performs some services to upper layers, layer interfaces tells the processes above it how to access it, and different protocols are used by different layers as per their needs until a job is not finished.
TCP/IP model does not clearly distinguish between Services, Interfaces and Protocols.
Protocol Biasing
This model is not biased for a particular set of protocols and was developed before corresponding protocols invention.
This Model was developed after inventing corresponding protocols and just was description of existing protocols.
It is a Seven Layered Model. Which are as follows :
a)      Physical Layer
b)      Data Link Layer
c)       Network Layer
d)      Transport Layer
e)      Session Layer
f)       Presentation Layer
g)      Application Layer
It is a 4 Layered Model. Which are as follows:
a)      Subnet Layer
b)      Internet Layer
c)       Transport layer
d)      Application Layer