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Saturday, September 7, 2013

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

SCSI (Pronounced as Skuzzy) is an Acronym for Small Computer System Interface. It is a set of standards for connecting and transferring data between Computer and Peripheral devices. It was developed by Shugart Associates Company in 1981 as a universal and intelligent disk drive interface.
This Interface is generally used for connecting Hard Disk Drives and Tape Drives but can also be used to connect wide range of other devices. This Interface is derived from Shugart Associates System Interface (SASI pronounced as sassy). SASI Controller works as bridge between Disk Drive’s Low level interface and Host Computer. Larry Boucher is considered to be the father of SASI and SCSI. Up to February 1982, ANSI developed this specification as SASI and “Shugart Associates System Interface”. Committee documenting this Standard did not allow it to be named after a company name and after a full day discussion named as SCSI (Small Computer System Interface).