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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Difference Between Synchronous TDM and Statistical TDM

Synchronous TDM
Statistical TDM
In Synchronous TDM data flow of each input connection is divided into units and each input occupies one output time slot.
In Statistical TDM slots are allotted dynamically. i.e. input line is given slots in output frame if and only if it has data to send.
No. of Slots
In Synchronous TDM no. of slots in each frame are equal to no. of input lines.
In Statistical TDM, No. of slots in each frame are less than the no. of input lines.
Buffering is not done, frame is sent after a particular interval of time whether someone has data to send or not.
Buffering is done and only those inputs are given slots in output frame whose buffer contains data to send.
Slots in Synchronous TDM carry data only and there is no need of addressing. Synchronization and pre assigned relationships between input and outputs that serve as an address.
Slots in Statistical TDM contain both data and address of the destination.